My daughter, Alyah Julie-Ann Teed, was born on November 29 th, 2011, weighing 7lbs 8oz. I was under Barb and Nicole’s care during my pregnancy, and have to say they made it the best experience for me and my family. The care was so unbelievable, and no matter what I had to ask about, which was a lot, they always had an answer. Thank you so much for all the care and attention you put towards us, and for bringing our daughter into this world! We look forward to have number 2 with you in the future! Rocky mountain house is very lucky to have two of the most caring and talented women as our midwives!  Love Brooke, Jazz,and Alyah


This is Finnley Anne Canaday, Born Oct 26,2011 . I just like to say I had the best experience with you guys…With Finnley I chose to go see Nicole and Barb, and WOW what a difference .They were always there if I needed anything or had any questions. Finnley was Due Nov 9th ,but came 2 weeks early. I started getting contractions that would wake me up every 10 mins , I waited till the morning and called Nicole and Barb, and was told to come into get checked. I think I was only 3 cm just like my last babies and they kept me in and gave me options and stayed with me until Finnley was brought into the world. Thank you Barb and Nicole for all your help, it meant the world! Sincerely, Nicole Canaday (Dezall)

We have had the honour and privilege of having Barb at all seven of our children’s births, and Nicole at the birth of our newest baby.  Home birth is such a blessing!  Our most stressful birth (so my husband says) was when we had our twins, because we legally couldn’t have the midwives help us at home, so we all trooped into hospital instead.  The outcome was great, but the pressure put on us by doctors was something we weren’t at all used to.  Thankfully, we had the Living God, Barb, Keith’s sisters and a large prayer team supporting us.  If anyone would like to email us with questions about home birth, feel free. The Bransons


“I can not being to express our appreciation of Barb and Nicole.  They were everything to my husband and I before, during and after delivery. We felt so safe and secure in their care. A couple times during labour I would just look  into Nicole or Barb’s eyes and I would feel their calm. I would recommend their care to anyone.” L.G.


“Shortly after moving 3.5 hours away from Rocky Mountain House, we discovered that we were having our 3rd child 🙂 After already experiencing the joys of midwifery care by Barb and Nicole we decided that it was well worth the driving to get the care we wanted and so I did my prenatal appointments and everything that comes with having a baby in Rocky! When it came time to have our Bundle of Joy, my husband was unfortunately working 3.5 hours away! I had great physical and emotional support through Barb, Nicole and my Mom! We arrived at the hospital at 7:15 am the birthing pool was being set up and I was so relieved to get in! But, by the time baby was ready to come I felt more comfortable out of the water and squatting on the bed! I never felt rushed, or uncomfortable, they supported my choices and went with my flow! Our baby Boy Lucien was born! April 12, 2012 at 9:29 am weighing 7 lb 3 ounces ! After going home ( mommy’s) I knew that if I had any needs, concerns, or questions all I had to do was call and I would have the help I needed! I could not have asked for better care! And if and when we have another I will be looking into their care again! A HUGE Thanks to Barb and Nicole! ”

After moving to Eckville 6 months in to my 4th pregnancy, I thought I would find myself scrambling to find midwifery care or even obstetrician care. Barb and Nicole were kind enough to offer my care for the last few months of my pregnancy.  After having 3 very easy hospital births with my first 3 daughters, we decided to try a home birth with our 4th. I’m very glad we made this decision as the care I received from Barb and Nicole was second to none. It was so different than having a doctor, much more personal. Our 4th daughter Hannah was born May 27th at home, on my couch, weighing in at 8lbs8oz. It was such a wonderful experience, calm, comfortable and relaxing. Thank you both so very much!


I’ve had the privilege of knowing Barb for most of my life since I attended school with her son. When I found out I was pregnant the first time, it was really nice having Barb to discuss all of my concerns with. Not only that, she was full of great advice!! Gwendolynn Marie was born on September 22 at 9:22 pm weighing 7 lbs 12 1/2 oz. No troubles at all! When we found out we were expecting our second last year after a move to Grande Prairie, I was feeling very torn… There are no midwives up in Grande Prairie. I did find a good doctor but still had some reservations. Unfortunately our grandma was also very ill, and as time to deliver got closer we realized we might be in Rocky. I took that as opportunity and immediately called Barb to see if there was a possibility of having her deliver my second child, even being 5 1/2 hours away.  Henry James was born in Rocky June 8th after a 2 1/2 hour labor, weighing 8 lbs 5 oz,  thankfully I wasn’t travelling at that point! I got to enjoy a water birth that wasn’t available here, in Grande Prairie, and be under Barb and Nicole’s care. The care you receive from Barb, and Nicole, is second to none. The compassion, trust and care is crucial for a safe and happy delivery, in my opinion. Thank you for helping bring my children into this world naturally and with so much love!!







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