Nurse Practitioner

 Shannon Brown, MN, Nurse Practitioner 

I was raised in Rocky Mountain House and had a great childhood growing up here. I chose to do my Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Master’s degree and Nurse Practitioner Program at the University of Victoria. I have worked as a Nurse Practitioner for 8 years.

I have two children who attend school in Rocky and are actively involved in various sports programs in our community. The activities I enjoy the most are traveling with my children, swimming and relaxing at Crimson Lake with my family in the summer and skiing in the mountains in the winter. The occasional glass of wine with friends is enjoyable too!

 Practice Philosophy 

My philosophy is to practice from a health promotion and prevention perspective. Why wait to get sick to make your health a priority? Be proactive; living a healthy life is whatI will strive to help you do. When you book your appointment with me you can be assured that your health and well being are my main concern.

Philosophy of Care

• I will be on time for your appointment; your time is equally as important as my time.

• You will be seen in a comfortable, relaxed setting, free from crowded waiting rooms.

• I will listen to your concerns and provide honest, educated feedback after a thorough examination.

• I will be diligent at reviewing and following up on any lab work or testing that I may have ordered for you.

• All of your information will be held with the highest degree of confidentiality.

• You are important and your health is important.

I provide complete physical examinations for females of any age. If you are over 40 years of age, your appointment will incorporate a detailed review of your family history, review of your previous health history, a complete examination, ordering of testing in accordance with screening guidelines, medication renewal (if applicable) and one follow-up appointment to review testing that was done.

If you are a woman younger than age 40, you still need to ensure that your health is a priority. I provide physical exams appropriate for age, lifestyle and in accordanc with screening guidelines. Your prescriptions can also be renewed at this time.

If you are a teenager or young adult, I provide counseling about health and healthy relationships, high risk behaviors, screening for STIs, PAP testing and discussion and/or renewal of birth control.

Have you just had a baby? We’ll review your delivery experience, discuss how you are feeling and have a discussion about forms of birth control. We’ll also review  your well woman screenin gand ensure it is up to date.

 Fee Schedule 

Healthy Woman Appointment $150

• For women aged 40 and older.
• Includes one follow up appointment to review any testing that was ordered during the complete exam.
• Medication renewal.

Sexual Health Appointment $60

• Complete examination for females aged 39 and younger.
• Pap, STI testing, breast exams, blood pressure screening, pregnancy testing.
• Discussion of healthy relationships, screening for high risk behavior.
• Renewal of and/or discussion about birth control.

Regular Appointment $40

• Prescription renewals.
• Menopause symptoms.
• Menstrual cycle problems.
• Blood pressure screening.

Postnatal Appointment $100

• Review delivery experience , discuss and follow- up on any complications.
• Ensure that you are up to date on all screening tests.
• Discussion of birth control options.
• Screening for postpartum depression.

Mole Removal
  • Consultation needed prior to booking.
  • Please book a ‘regular appointment’ for consultation and we can discuss possible removal of any lumps or bumps that you are concerned about.

Additional Services

Sick notes $10
Insurance forms $30
Prescription phoned in to pharmacy $10
***I do not fill out WCB forms or disability forms***.

I can take cash or cheque at the time of your vist.

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